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Solutions for the environment of tomorrow

With the ACO WaterCycle we provide systems that collect and channel, clean, retain and ultimately reuse water. In this way, ACO contributes to the preservation of clean groundwater as a vital resource, and provides for the environment of the future.

Intelligent drainage systems from ACO increasingly use smart technology to ensure that rainwater and wastewater are drained, or temporarily stored. With innovative separation and filter technology, we prevent water contamination by pollutants such as fat and grease, fuels, heavy metals and microplastics. Today, ACO goes one step further: we accept the challenge of reusing water, and thus establishing a resource-saving cycle. For all products and systems, ACO attaches great importance to durability, reusability and a low carbon footprint. The pursuit of sustainability is an ongoing process that we strive to meet every day.

collect: gather and capture

The drainage system quickly and completely collects surface water, ensuring protection, safety, and comfort for people, buildings, and traffic routes as part of the ACO WaterCycle.

clean: pre-treat and process

The collected liquids undergo physical, chemical, or biological treatments to meet discharge standards for public sewers, supporting recycling and sustainable use as part of the ACO WaterCycle.

hold: retain and contain

Containers, barriers, and valves keep liquids within the drainage system for proper control, enhancing protection and safety during heavy rain, flooding, or hazardous liquid handling as part of the ACO WaterCycle.

reuse: pumping, discharging and reusing

Pumps, lifting plant and pipe systems transfer the collected, treated and controlled water into the downstream systems and processes. This part of the ACO WaterCacle brings the collected, treated and controlled water to the interfaces for further treatment, re-use or release.