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Flat roofs have numerous advantages; however, they must often master an enormous structural challenge. Safety, fire protection and thus the issue of roof drainage are the top priorities in design and construction. ACO offers functional solutions, which are especially coordinated for use on flat roofs and ensure optimum removal of rainwater. Gravity drainage systems are suitable for smaller areas. On large roofs with 150 m² or larger, vacuum drainage systems are preferred. ACO offers products made of cast iron and stainless steel. We also have special solutions for green roofs, copings and for emergency drainage. ACO helps you to design the correct roof drainage and to perform the hydraulic calculations with its latest, standard design software and its extensive practical knowledge.

ACO Roof, Parking Deck, Terrace & Balcony Drainage Systems

Bespoken balcony and terrace slot drainage solution

ACO Bespoken balcony slot drain

ACO Bespoken terrace slot drain

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Balcony and Terrace Gully Solutions

ACO Gully with horizontal outlet

ACO Gully with vertical outlet

ACO Roof drainage - gravity and siphonic drainage solutions

ACO Roof Drain - Gravity drainage in cast iron

ACO Roof Drain - Gravity drainage in stainless steel

ACO Roof Drain - Gravity drainage in polymer concrete & cast iron

ACO Parking Deck Drainage Solutions

ACO Parking Deck Drainage - Gully with grating in cast iron

ACO Parking Deck Drainage - Channel with grating in cast iron

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