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The technical filter ACO Stormclean TF forms the basis for professional and future-oriented rainwater treatment. The prescribed cleaning takes place in an underground glass fiber reinforced(GRP) tank using the ÖNORM tested and certified filter substrate. The big advantage is by moving the cleaning to an underground tank, the area above can be used individually, e.g. B. additional parking options.

ACO Stormclean TF
Technical filter for the separation of heavy metals

Product Overview :

  • Transport and installation optimized thanks to container material GRP and pre-filling with filter substrate , Made of durable fiberglass - light as plastic, strong as concrete
  • Can be adapted to individual container sizes and project solutions
  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance, cleaning and disposal
  • Inner parts made of PE-HD
  • Effective water purification by removing oil products, heavy metals and undissolved substances
  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance, cleaning and disposal
  • Tested filter life of up to four years * depending on local pollution conditions
  • Allows water to infiltrate directly into the soil, reducing the need for treatment plants and public sewer systems
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ACO Stormclean TF GV

ACO Stormclean TF GH