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Ultra-luxury Villas

Bespoke design and build solutions for high-luxury residential, commercial, and hospitality projects and some prestigious projects, including Signature and Garden Villas at Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Pearl Jumeirah Island and Dubai Hills.

Contribution for the development of the project not only fits ACO’s worldwide experience to support the architecture of stunningly beautiful projects with utmost requirements for aesthetics and functionality. We also found inspiration in the intersection between the ultra-luxury's concept to foster solutions to the challenges that future cities face and our company’s dedication to the urban environment of tomorrow.

ACO supports the projects with elegant slot drainage for the landscaping area and solutions for building drainage and grease management.

ACO Terrace Drainage


ACO Balcony Drainage

ACO Shower Drain

ACO Floor Drain

ACO Drainage for the Car Park in the Basement