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Nizwa Mosque in Oman

The new mosque was conceived as a regional size mosque in 2009. Being the spiritual and religious capital of Oman, Nizwa is a fitting location for a major mosque second only to the Grand Mosque in Muscat. Simplicity of form and selective use of decoration are characteristics that distinguish the new mosque from those in other regions. The four minarets give the building a unique quality, reinforcing its position as a major landmark for the community it serves.
The colour of the building and materials reflect what is traditionally used in the area. The mosque, built on 80,000 square metres, is adjacent to the Nizwa wadi which gives an excellent view of the building. The area available for external prayer allows for an additional 5,300 worshippers. The sahan areas also provide access to a range of additional facilities. There is a 277.50 sq metre library arranged on two floors around an internal glazed courtyard, these classrooms organised around their own courtyard and a 306 sq metre multi-purpose hall with built-in perimeter seating and audio, visual facilities for lectures.

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