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Design of green areas and pedestrian zones is an integral part of modern architecture and is crucial notonly for the aesthetic appearance of the project but also for the comfort and wellbeing of the inhabitants.As the meeting point between architecture and nature - landscaping faces the challenges of providingat the same time sustainable protection of the environment and, protection and design of the surface,comfort and safety.

ACO Brickslot drainage system

  • Slot drainage solution for the landscaping
  • Excellent optic aesthetics
  • Stainless steel
  • Slot cover elements and revision frame elements for cleaning access
  • different polymer concrete or plastic channel types
  • various wides and heights available

ACO Uniface covers

  • Outdoor access covers for build-in surfaces
  • Variety of materials and heights, according to the requirements of the application
  • Protection against vandalism and unauthorized access to the shaft by locking system
  • Fully certified according to European standards and meets all load, safety and functional requirements

ACO Manhole covers

Surface sealing

Urban sprawl and the construction of paved areas meanless and less natural ground drainage. This can mean biggerand more expensive water treatment systems to deal withthe water flowing into sewers. A sustainable solution is toensure the large-scale seepage of rainwater back into theground. Modern regulations are counteracting the sealing ofsurfaces by stipulating building restrictions and regulationslimiting surface sealing.

Functional requirements

Designing a garden, park or promenade is aboutbalancing between creative and constructive challengesof contemporary landscape architecture. On one hand it isimportant to design a surface which is comfortable and safefor pedestrians or an occurring traffic. On the other - it isvital for the plants in the area to be provided with the rightenvironment and protected from damaging impact.

Aesthetics appearance

Green areas represent an absolutely vital part of ourexistence. Their integrating into construction projectsis significant for our comfort and well-being. Modernlandscaping systems are protecting natural environmentand at the same time creating visually pleasing designs incorrespondence with architectural surfaces.