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ACO Starch Separators

Rice, cereals, legumes and potatoes contain a lot of starch. If large quantities of these ingredients are processed in large kitchens or the food industry, the wastewater must be treated accordingly. For if the starch is not separated from the wastewater, stubborn deposits and blockages in the pipes can occur. Starch is insoluble in water and is present as particles. They are heavier than water and settle in the lower area of ​​the separator in the starch collecting chamber. During the cleaning process, foam is produced on the surface of the water, which is precipitated by rinse baths. Starch separators are connected directly to potato peeling machines. Other effluents which are contaminated, for example, with oils and greases, must not be fed into the starch separator.

The starch separators for below ground installation are offered up to a total volume of 1600 liters. The round building is equipped with a cover plate made of reinforced concrete and is therefore extremely resilient. The covers meet the load class up to D 400. The ACO starch separators for free-standing in oval design are equipped with a hydro mechanical high-pressure cleaning system. Disposal, cleaning and filling are possible without odors.

Starch Separators for free-standing installation and full disposal

Starch (mainly potato starch) is normally present in undissolved form. It has a higher density than water. Due to the difference in density, the starch may settle in the separator. The separator consists of a starch separation chamber and a starch collection chamber. In general, rinsing sprays are used in the inlet of the separators to crush the foam that forms. If separators are not used, the starch can settle in the drainage pipes and therefore may result in clogging. Since starch sediments and becomes a very solid mass, it can only be removed at considerable expense. The bodies are made of stainless steel or polyethylene.

Starch Separators for below-ground installation and full disposal

ACO Starch Separator Fapumax P for ground installation are made from polyethylene. The shaft has a buoyancy safety up to the upper side of the shaft and the manhole cover depending on the installation depth and the load class. The covers are designed up to load class D 400. Different levels and a wide range of accessories and components permit subsequent upgrade, extension or automation.

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