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ACO DRAIN® watertight drainage channel system for future requirements of rainwater treatment. The unique combination of the ACO polymer concrete material on the one hand and sealing on the other creates the very first completely tight channel run that meets the demands of EN 1433: 2002. Lots of added value. The new standard of the future from ACO .The ACO DRAIN® Multiline System can be used in a variety of applications. The drainage system offers reliable solutions both in inner-city areas as well as out of town.

ACO DRAIN® Multiline Seal in
Waterproof Linear Drainage

Product Overview :

  • Polymer concrete body that features strength, weather and chemical resistance, impermeability and smooth surface, which further enhances the self-cleaning effect of the V-shape
  • Freedom of design due to variety of widths, depths, protective edges, accessories and load classes
  • The most comprehensive range of grating designs made of cast iron, stainless or galvanized steel or plastic

Product advantages

The integrated sealing as standard has makes the range even better and ready to respond to the future demands for targeted discharge and treatment of surface water.

ACO Sales Manager Contacts

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Robust channel body

The improved geometry makes the channel body more robust. This is reflected in the optimised, application-specific installation recommendations. The concrete quality for the foundation concrete has now been reduced to C 12/15 throughout for load classes A15 to C250.

Improved self cleaning

Due to the even transition elements at the channel joint and the smooth surface of the ACO polymer concrete, the self-cleaning capability of the channel now works even better.

Proven, easy handling

ACO polymer concrete products are lighter than concrete products with the same load-bearing capacity: providing a significant advantage during handling, transport and installation.

Easily installed from above

The simple plug-in system stays the same - nothing about the tried-and-tested installation has changed.

Grate variety for your ideas

In combination with the different ACO Drainlock gratings, landscaping can be given a unique character.

Thanks to ACO polymer concrete, a material with a water penetration depth of 0 mm, the entire channel run is watertight.

Watertight channel run
Channel joint with seal and dense material

ACO Multiline is the channel equipped with a seal as standard. Using Seal in technology, ACO securely seals the key points of linear drainage systems. This means that ACO Multiline already meets future requirements in terms of watertightness and water quality.

The unique combination of the ACO polymer concrete material and the seal ensures that for the first time, the channel run is completely watertight in accordance with the requirements of EN 1433: 2002.

New grating designs in stainless steel or cast iron

Contemporary, elegant designs will add character and style to any landscape project. These new gratings are designed to be used with our most popular surface water drainage system, ACO Multiline. Choose from our range of sophisticated stainless steel, galvanized steel or cast iron options, or for heritage and traditional landscapes, we now offer a new range of ductile iron styles to complement these areas.

Surfaces with ACO Multiline channel and Intercept Profile gratings in stainless steel

Surfaces with ACO Multiline channel and Intercept Bar gratings, in stainless steel

Surfaces with ACO Multiline channel and Intercept Profile gratings, galvanized steel

Surface with ACO Multiline channel and Flag-Design grating, in cast iron

Surfaces with ACO Multiline channel & Leaf-Design gratings, in cast iron

Surfaces with ACO Multiline channel and Mosaic-Design gratings in cast iron