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ACO Light Liquid and Oil Separators

Tailor - made or standard for all applications - certified products - German Technology.

Regardless of whether in multi-storey car parks, petrol stations, car washes or vehicle workshops: Wherever there is a risk of mineral light liquids getting into the drainage network, for example, petrol, benzene, lubricants or oils, the wastewater must be pre-treated. This prevents pollutants from contaminating the drinking water or groundwater. A light-liquid separator or petrol interceptor uses the difference in density of petrol and water to achieve this. The light liquid is collected and is disposed of regularly by recycling companies. Even better treatment is achieved by using a coalescence element, as used by ACO in its units. Light-liquid separators are available for installation in the ground and for freestanding installation.

Why ACO Oil Separators?

Benefical for Engineers and Consultants

  • Design support (specification, drawings)
  • Customized solutions
  • Durability (chemical resistence, efficiency, easy manipulation etc.)
  • Certification (according to EN 858)

Benefical for Installers and Contractors

  • Easy handling and transportation
  • Interesting price policy
  • Easy maintenance
  • Local support and office (including logistics) in Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai
  • International experience and knowledge of local markets

Benefical for Developers, Clients and Authorities

  • International certification as a German company
  • Worldwide experience
  • Local support
  • Reliability, long-life of the product with easy maintenance
  • No oil spills in your water, we help to protect the environment (not only from the ecological perspective) and we help to prevent drinking water and groundwater
  • Tailor-made products

Direct contact to the Sales Team in Saudi Arabia :

Communication Contact here

ACO Separators for below-ground installation

made from polyethylene high-density (PE-HD)

The rotomoulded tank system

In the case of light-liquid separators for below ground installation, the attachments can be shortened by the customer, depending on the application. The cover is suitable for class B according to EN 124. For increased disposal convenience, the separator can also be retrofitted with direct extraction. Both the sludge catches as well as the actual separators have a maintenance opening. Optionally, alarm systems can be installed.

Features and benefits

All ACO light-liquid PE-HD separators meet the requirements of class EN 858.

Product stability guaranteed for 50 years

  • Certified statics have been calculated for the tank system
  • The tank system supplies structural stability for 50 years

Protection against ground water

  • Depending on the maximum allowed inlet invert and the load class applied, the separators can be installed in areas with groundwater without additional concrete castings

Flexible application

  • Load class A15
  • Load class B125
  • Load class D400

For more information about the ACO PE-HD Below-Ground Separators download the catalog and get in contact with our Sales Manager.

Separator body made from polyethylene (PE-HD)

ACO Separators for below-ground installation

made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP)

ACO uses GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic)

"LIGHT AS PLASTIC, STRONG AS CONCRETE" A lightweight composite material made from glass fibers reinforced with polyester resin binders. The fibers can be obtained from various materials such as carbon, aramid, basalt or glass. Due to their great material properties, fiber-reinforced plastics are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive and shipping. ACO is producing horizontal and vertical separator bodies and ACO Stormclean filters in GRP. More information download here.

Features and benefits

All ACO GRP products meet the requirements of standard DIN EN 858.

Light weight

  • Cost-effective transportation and easy manipulation on site without need for heavy machinery

Fatigue resistant

  • Highly resistant to static and dynamic fatigues through its lifetime

High creep resistance

  • Resistance to deformation from local pressures ensures shape consistency and durability

Stable material characteristics

  • Resistance to external conditions (weather, UV radiation ect.) without change in mechanical characteristics

Non-porous material

  • No need of surface coating, non - corrosive

Easy customization

  • GRP material separators allow for tailored customer solution regarding shape, surface and chemical composition

For more information about the ACO GRP Separators and ACO Stormclean filters get in contact with our Sales Manager.

Separators and Stormclean filter bodies made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP)

ACO Separators for free-standing or below-ground installation

made from lightweight durable thermoplastic polyethylene (PE)

For indoor or below ground installation

ACO Separator systems are to be provided behind the drainage points if mineral oils or light liquids, especially those that are flammable or can form an explosive atmosphere, can get into the drainage network. For this purpose, we have developed the Coalizer-P to hold back light liquids of mineral origin from the dirty water.

Features and benefits

All ACO light-liquid PE separators meet the requirements of class EN 858.

For free standing installation

  • Light oil separator according to DIN EN 858, Class II, for free standing installation in frost free rooms

Manufactured of polyethylene in oval design

  • Separator with float switch of plastic, tared for light liquids with density until 0.90 g/cm3
  • With supporting cage and coalescence insert
  • All parts removable, inlet and outlet fittings of polyethylene
  • With plastic cover Ø 450 mm with clamping ring
  • Inlet and outlet with OD Ø 110 mm for respective pipe connection

For more information about the ACO Free-Standing PE Oil Separators download the catalog and get in contact with our Sales Manager.

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