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ACO PowerDrain

ACO PowerDrain is an innovative product for heavily loaded areas. The product line has a new system of nominal widths, universal stability, functionality, noise reduction and excellent profitability.

ACO PowerDrain Drainage System

  • Optimized nominal widths
  • Efficient and self-cleaning V-shaped channel sections
  • Optimum stability for heavy loads
  • Special elastomeric insert between the channel and the grating for noise reduction
  • Load class A15 to F900, according DIN EN 1433

Different Channel Types:

Type V75P
Type V175P
Type V275P


Sound insulation:

ACO PowerDrain contributes to reducing the noise in the installation area. The special elastomeric insert between the channel and the grating, combined with a securely locked and stable fixed grating, ensures long-lasting noise reduction when passing cars on the channel. In addition, the soundproofing insert protects the channel from wear and thus extends the life of the entire drainage system.


The ACO PowerDrain again retains the hydraulically efficient and self-cleaning V-shaped cross section that ACO introduces into linear drainage as well as the high-strength polymeric concrete. The design and material make the side walls of the channel extremely stable, making the system applicable to the highest load class F 900.

Optimized design:

Optimizing nominal widths reduces assembly costs. It also facilitates laying, as the cost of concrete and excavation works decreases significantly compared to traditional nominal widths.

ACO PowerDrain installation

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